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Classic EcoAquarium + 1 Year of Food

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  • $40.00
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You are purchasing a completely assembled EcoAquarium containing 2 frogs, living rock, decorative rock, bamboo, an easy care guide and kit, plus a year's supply of food. (Black base as seen in picture is unessential and not included with this package.)

Decorative rocks come in an assortment of colors. While we cannot guarantee a specific color, we are allowing you to choose from color groupings in the drop down menu.

Our experts say: What an easy way to introduce kids to the responsibilities of pet ownership without an overwhelming amount of responsibility! Such an easy pet--they practically take care of themselves! These guys make a GREAT classroom or office pet!

PLEASE NOTE: The timing of the frog delivery is dependent on the weather. In order for these little guys to travel, the overnight temp must be above 34°. If you pre-order, your frogs will be ready for pick up some time between December 15th and December 23rd.

Pricing Note: Price includes tax.